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From The Following Financial Services Organisations: 

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  • Insurance Firms
  • Credit Card Providers
  • Credit Unions
  • Online / Pay Day Loans Companies
  • Insurance Brokers

Including Special Briefings From:

  • E-commerce & Digital Media Companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail

Big Data Strategies For Financial Services

Cutting Through The Hype On Big Data To Implement Realistic Strategies That Deliver Real Business Benefit

Big data presents an enormous opportunity to better target consumers needs, improve customer communication and loyalty, reduce risk, and ultimately target more profitable interactions in real time, across multiple channels.

Although the financial sector has been leveraging internal insight from transactional data for years, it is clear they remain behind the curve in comparison to their counterparts in the retail, telecommunications and digital media industries.

Big Data Strategies: Financial Services & Consumer Products 2013, is the first event that will bring together world leaders in consumer insights, data analytics, and business intelligence to examine benchmarks within and outside the financial services industry, showcasing the cutting edge in big data strategies to enable you to formulate pragmatic implementation of strategies upon return to your office.


Key Issues Being Discussed Include:

USE OF UNSTRUCTURED DATA: Turning Unstructured Data Into Meaningful Insights: How Can This Data Be Used And What Are The Tools Needed To Capture & Analyse It?

REAL-TIME TARGETING OF CUSTOMER NEEDS: Understand How To Utilise Internal And Unstructured Data To Tailor And Target Highly Relevant Products And Services At Exactly The Right Time And Place

CROSS-INDUSTRY CASE STUDIES: Demonstrating Where Brands Have Harnessed Big Data Strategies For Real Business Benefit

COMBINING DATA SETS INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY: Developing Organisational Structures To Enable A Single View Of The Data And Opportunities For Combining Data Sets Across Industries

MONETISING BIG DATA: Exploring The Potential For Monetising Big Data Externally And Managing Pitfalls, Privacy & Regulatory Concerns

PRIVACY, SECURITY AND REGULATION: Understanding What Constitutes Responsible Use Of Data From The Customer Point Of View, Regulatory And Legal Perspectives

Download The Full Agenda Here

Clifton Hope, Chief Property Underwriter, Aspen Insurance

"The format was excellent, speakers were knowledgeable"


It will be vital for future business growth that financial service providers around the world...

...capitalise on their expansive goldmine of untapped internal data, and burgeoning unstructured data, to revolutionise targeting of highly relevant products and services, better assess customer risk, identify new revenue streams and provide overall better financial services.

Moving beyond the hype, Big Data Strategies for Financial Services and Consumer Products 2013, will showcase real results from proven big data campaigns to help you form innovative and practical data strategies that drive revenue growth, cost reduction and risk management.

This is the only financial services focused conference providing insights from pioneering brands from within and outside the financial services industry providing the ultimate opportunity for idea generation to drive forward your big data strategies.


5 Key Reasons To Attend:

  • Take away practical insights to help you form innovative data strategies, improved analytics, cut costs and drive higher revenues
  • Tap into cross industry best practices from world leaders in consumer insights, customer loyalty and data analytics across Financial Services, Retail, Telecommunications and Digital Media, positioning you at the forefront of innovation in big data
  • Benefit from a thoroughly researched agenda that pinpoints clear, actionable and simple strategies for you to implement upon your return to the office
  • Assess opportunities for monetising big data externally and combining data sets with other industries to develop well rounded insights into customers needs and behaviours
  • Enjoy exclusive networking opportunities, including a networking drinks reception at the end of Day One - the perfect setting to intermingle with colleagues, peers and new acquaintances alike
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